Mi LED Desk lamp

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Color temperature adjustment | 4 Modes of light | Elegant design
  • Xiaomi
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Mi desk lamp xiaomi LED

La lampada da tavolo Xiaomi regolabile

The art of light

Flicker-free, adjustable color temperature, 4 modes, Wi-Fi enable

Beyond lighting, pleasant lighting

The new Mijia table lamp is equipped with four lighting modes for different needs, tomato mode, reading mode, PC mode and children mode. In addition, you can set the color temperature and lamp brightness using the YEELIGHT APP. This is certainly useful for all lighting needs. As for the design, the lamp has a very minimalist design. Equipped with a super thin support and thin bracket, easy to place and store wherever you want without taking up a lot of space.

The Xiaomi desk lamp stands out for its characteristics:

  • Light emitted without any annoying flicker
  • 4 different lighting modes
  • Regulation of the emitted light
  • Elegant Design

Without flicker it's a whole other story.

Flicker is harmful to vision, so we use color mixing technology to reduce it, at any color temperature, to any light intensity. Above all, when you turn the knob to adjust the light, you can achieve uniform light change.

Different lighting modes

The new Mijia table lamp is equipped with four lighting modes for different needs, Tomato Mode, Reading Mode, PC Mode and Child Mode

In Tomato mode, you can set a "focus time" and a "rest period" for your eyes! The xiaomi LED lamp will remind users to rest via "respiratory light", which helps users improve work efficiency, avoiding eye strain.

From dark to light, from cold to warm.

Color temperature (1K accuracy) and brightness adjustment (1% accuracy) for all needs.

Nice lighting without flickering

Let natural light cover your desk. Patented optical design, never stop being discovered.

Precise hinged design

Long-term duration with 10,000 times more reliable stress test.

Efficient heat sink

Better heat dissipation to ensure high performance of LED chips and extend the life of the entire lamp.


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