Mi Mijia Plafoniera LED

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Mi Mijia Ceiling Light 450mm 32W Original Original LED Ceiling Light
  • Xiaomi
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Xiaomi Mi Mijia Ceiling Lamp LED

Smart LED ceiling lamp xiaomi with App control

Quality design

With an elegant design and 72 pieces of LEDs, the Xiaomi LED ceiling light offers great illumination up to 25㎡. The brightness of the light and the color temperature can be adapted as you want.

Color temperature adjustable

Day Mode

Whether you choose warm light or cold light, Daylight mode offers natural lighting that is ideal for your daily activities.

Night mode

The Moonlight mode is ideal for nighttime hours, providing a gentle glare-free light with a brightness of 0.3 - 120 lm and a color temperature of 2700K.

Compatible with Mi Smart Home System

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode, Xiaomi Mi Ceiling Light can also be combined with other Mi devices and allows you a simple connection with the Mi Smart Home system. For example, set the ceiling lights to turn on automatically when you open the door or when a person is walking.

Vedi di più su Mi Smart Home Xiaomi to match with the ceiling light.

High color rendering rendering

COn a value of the color rendering index of Ra95, the ceiling light accurately portrays colors as if it were under natural light. Under such lighting, your eyes will capture the true colors of your home.

Quick and easy installation

Mi Ceiling Light allows easy installation. With a simple pressure, the module snaps into place, saving time and effort. The base is compatible with the Galaxy Yeelight series of ceiling lights, which allows you to change the light without having to reinstall the entire light.

Elegant Design

Less is more! With a simple but versatile design, Mi Ceiling Light integrates various furnishing accessories. The ceiling light is only 27 mm in the thinnest part and has a slightly convex edge, providing a 180-degree coverage.

Insect Proof Design

Unlike the traditional ceiling lamps that separate the lamp cover and the lamp body, Mi Ceiling Light is composed of a single part, with the lamp cover and the lamp body integrated together, preventing dust and insects from entering inside .

Smart Wall Switch Control

Aturn the ceiling light off and connect it to a wall switch. The three default modes are warm yellow light, intense white light and a dimmed night light. You can switch between three different modes with custom brightness and color temperature and adjusted on the Mi Home app.

Vocal control & APP

Mi LED Ceiling Light is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also control it directly from the dedicated APP


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